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Выполняли модернизацию оборудования - проводили технические работы.

Приносим свои изменения.
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А что уже опять случилось? На фотохостинг заходишь, выбираешь картинку, закачиваешь. а потом чистая страница. Ссылок нет.
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alealen111 писал(а):А что уже опять случилось? На фотохостинг заходишь, выбираешь картинку, закачиваешь. а потом чистая страница. Ссылок нет.

Это защита от спама, лить можно только через программу, :crazy:
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может какойто глюк у Вас. Всё ок. Пишите гляну через тим виевер.
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admin писал(а):может какойто глюк у Вас. Всё ок. Пишите гляну через тим виевер.

У меня тоже такая проблема вчера наблюдалась, правда не всегда 50 на 50, так что не у нас а у вас.
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nevery писал(а):Это защита от спама, лить можно только через программу, :crazy:

ну как раз-то лью через прогу, выдает постоянно ошибку неправильная подготовка новости. ставишь радикал все нормально.
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Время ожидания соединения истекло
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Beatrice in Dante's Divine Comedy How many people spend their whole life in love with a person they met only once when they were nine years old. Dante Alighieri, born in 1265, had only one meeting with Beatrice Portinari in 1274, making him only nine years old. By Dante's own account this was the most important event of his youth (Alighieri). When she passed away in 1290 Dante was about 25 and overcome with grief (Barbi 6). If Dante hadn't met Beatrice much of his work would have never been written.
Friedrich Nietzsche’s “On the Genealogy of Morality” includes his theory on man’s development of “bad conscience.” Nietzsche believes that when transitioning from a freeroaming individual to a member of a community, man had to suppress his “will to power,” his natural “instinct of freedom”(59). The governing community threatened its members with punishment for violation of its laws, its “morality of customs,” thereby creating a uniform and predictable man (36). With fear of punishment curtailing his behavior, man was no longer allowed the freedom to indulge his every instinct.
Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby and Brett Ashley of The Sun Also Rises Written right after the publication of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is apparently influenced in many ways. The most obvious of Fitzgerald's influence is manifested in Hemingway's portrayal of his heroine, Brett Ashley. Numerous critics have noted and discussed the similarities between Brett and Daisy Buchanan, and rightly so; but the two women also have fundamental differences. Compared to Daisy, Brett is a more rounded, complex character, and Hemingway has treated her with more sympathy than Fitzgerald has with Daisy.
Communication. Communication is important in a relationship. It is what sustains a relationship, pushes it forward and keeps it going. Without communication we would live our own complete separate lives, acting as if we were hermits. Communicating well and effectively is a major part in our everyday lives. In Marry Higgins Clark's The Cradle Will Fall we see what happens when people fail to communicate effectively. Relationships take work, and a lot of it. Richard Caroll and Katie DeMaio both are shy people, and though they trust each other and talk often they never say anything important.
There were many reasons why World War 1 broke out in 1914, some of which were obvious and others not so obvious. The most prominent reasons for the outbreak of World War 1 would be due to alliances in Europe, Imperialism, Militarism, and Nationalism. Lastly, the most obvious reason, the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was the cause of the immediate outbreak of the First World War Over time, there were many countries within Europe that had made agreements to defend one another in the case that their country went into battle.

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Othello: the Unquestionable Sexism Shakespeare’s tragic drama Othello features sexism as regular fare – initially from Brabantio and Iago, and finally from Othello. Let us in this essay explore the occurrences and severity of sexism in the drama. In “Historical Differences: Misogyny and Othello” Valerie Wayne implicates Iago in sexism. He is one who is almost incapable of any other perspective on women than a sexist one: Iago’s worry that he cannot do what Desdemona asks implies that his dispraise of women was candid and easily produced, while the praise requires labour and inspiration from a source beyond himself.
The time period, season, location, and surroundings of a character reveal a great deal about them. Kate Chopin's "The Story of An Hour" is an excellent example of how setting affects the reader's perception of the story. There is an enormous amount of symbolism expressed through the element of setting in this short story. So well, in fact, that words are hardly necessary to descriptively tell the story of Mrs. Mallard's hour of freedom. Analyzing the setting for "The Story of An Hour" will give a more complete understanding of the story itself.
The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe, renowned as the foremost master of the shortstory form of writing, chiefly tales of the mysterious and macabre, has established his short stories as leading proponents of “Gothic” literature. Although the term “Gothic” originally referred only to literature set in the Gothic (or medieval) period, its meaning has since been extended to include a particular style of writing. In order for literature to be “Gothic,” it must fulfill some specific requirements.

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The blaring noise of taxicabs and buses honking their horns at each other woke me. I looked around in awe, still blinking the sleep in my eyes away. The sheer number of people was astounding, and the noise. This was not Bowling Green, Kentucky. I finally realized that we had arrived to Chicago, the Windy City. It was during the summer of 2005. My family and I were going to move from Bowling Green, Kentucky, a small town in the Bluegrass State. My dad had secured a new job in the large city of Chicago.
Melville’s Tools of Bob le flambeur Removing the sound from Melville’s Bob le flambeur might lead one to believe that he or she is watching a Hollywood film noir, circa 1950. Melville, though not professionally trained as a director, manages to create an oddly stirring and quirky French film shrouded in the sheer curtain of Hollywood film noir. Though he retains much of the Hollywood style, he also employs tools of his own—camera movement and voiceover—to embrace the film in Melvillevigilantestyle.
Metaphors in Philosophy This paper deals with the question of whether metaphors are sufficient for the fulfillment of philosophical tasks, and, if they are, which cognitive or methodological place metaphors can have within philosophical discourse. We can distinguish three attitudes toward metaphors. First is the general rejection of metaphors in philosophy. Second is the unrestricted affirmation of metaphors as ‘absolute’ and as compensating for metaphysics. This conception will be analyzed critically and shown to be selfcontradictory.
The Deeper Meanings of Young Goodman Brown "Young Goodman Brown," a story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, should be interpreted on a psychoanalytical level rather than a religious one. It is my observation that "Young Goodman Brown" may very well be the first published work alluding to divisions of the mind and personality theory. Although religion is a direct theme throughout the story, "Young Goodman Brown" appears to be an allegory with deeper meanings. To explore properly my position concerning the dynamics of "Young Goodman Brown," it is necessary to understand Freud's structural model.
Introduction In 1986, President Ronald Reagan issued the pithiest expression of the modern American political conservative credo when he told a Chicago audience, “I've always felt that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.”1 While the current Republican administration is hardly an embodiment of this sentiment (President Bush has overseen the largest inflationadjusted increase in federal spending since the Johnson Administration2), conservatives, at least in principle, believe in the notion of “small government” when it comes to social programs: less welfare, less federal control of education and Social Security privatization, among other proposals.

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Introduction The most dangerous creature in the world is the mosquito. Every year, mosquitoborne diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, viral encephalitis, and West Nile virus, cripple and kill millions of people. In fact, malaria, a parasitic mosquitoborne disease, infects more than 400 million people and kills more than two million people each year. It is one of the principal causes of mortality in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. The most fatal version of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, is transmitted by the mosquito Anopheles gambiae.
"Patterns" by Amy Lowell When one hears the words, "I sink on a seat in the shade," they will most likely form a visual image in their head, such as a person sitting under a tree. Amy Lowell, an imagist, uses sharp images, precise wording, and figurative speech as a means of poetic expression to arouse the senses of the reader. In "Patterns," Amy Lowell explores the hopeful liberty of women in the early 20th century through a central theme. A woman’s dream of escaping the boundaries that society has placed on her dissipates when she learns of her lover’s untimely death.
What is the most effective way of punishment. Human life is very important it doesn’t mater what sex you are or what you have done. If something can be fixed then that’s what you should always try to do first. Capital punishment should not be used in today’s society. If a person is found guilty and then later on new evidence is uncovered you can’t bring that person back to life. Imprisonment should be a last resort; there are other sentencing alternatives, which can work, in the best interest of the offender and society.

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During this meeting I will talk to my fellow homeowners in regard to energy conversation and efficiency in our community. Conserving energy is important because our world relies heavily on the use of nonrenewable energy resources. Once these resources are used up, we will have to rely on alternatives. Rather than depleting the Earth of its natural resources, we can put an end to it now, or at least slow it down. A more immediate solution to using alternatives is to conserve the energy we use by using less of it to accomplish everyday tasks.
Introduction: Pinocchio is one of the most celebrated works in Italian literature. It was written by Carlo Lorenzi in 1883. Like many other writers in Italy at that time he wrote it under a pseudonym Carlo Collodi. Collodi himself was a firm believer in education and one of his main goals was to educate young people, at one point declaring. “Open a school, and you will close a prison”(Collodi in Person, p 141). His novel about Pinocchio continually portrays the virtues of education and the evils of sloth.
An Inaccurate Review of The Fall of the House of Usher David A. Carpenter, in the form of an essay, addresses Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Fall of the House of Usher” by interpreting themes, meanings, style, and technique within the story. His essay review contains many quotes and direct references to both Poe and “The Fall of the House of Usher;” however, Carpenter’s analysis proves itself to be inaccurate. Carpenter repeatedly writes statements of which he claims are true, but then argues contrary points.
The Mask of Hamlet When people put on a mask or costume it is usually because they are trying to hide themselves or portray a certain feeling to onlookers. In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Hamlet puts on a "antic disposition" as a strategy to get closer to Claudius. Hamlet tells his friends this by saying (I,iv,170173) "how strange or odd some'er I bear myself (As I perchance hereafter shall think meet to put an antic disposition on), That you, at such times seeing me, never shall, with arms encumb'red thus, or this headshake, or by pronouncing of some doubtful phrase," Hamlet's strategy is successful at the beginning in that he is able to fool Ophilia, Gertrude, Polonius and Claudius but as the play proceeds Polonius and Claudius began to see that there is logic behind his madness and actions.
Trip Like I Do Force and counterforce, resistance and power. What is the space and relation of one to the other. Are they to be understood as in parasitic or symbiotic relation. Does the yes need a no for its function, and in what ways. Could there be a “war” on Iraq without protests of such brutal possibilities. Slavoj Žižek’s “The Seven Veils of Fantasy” provides a relation of sincere hypocrisy within but ostensibly against ideology. Fantasy squirms throughout the piece as concealment of horror, creation of horror to be concealed, and vital sustaining support of an ideological edifice.

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International Labor Organization (ILO) defined a coherent framework for dos and don’ts for the workplace practices in business world; Where most of the businesses seems to be guilty of violating contemporary best practices of providing decent work life to the labor and even noncompliance of human rights. Businesses with only financial bottom line are solely responsible for even creation of International Labor organization (ILO) as they didn’t followed the prohibition of exploitation of labor. It happens when business or decision maker isn’t with a moral ethical stance, then they don’t bother to think about the consequences of those activities, which are taken to improve their business or even daily life, on the expense of human rights.
Covert Racism in America Racism is still a very current issue in America today. By no means is racism as overt as it was fifty years ago with enforced segregation, but today racism is more covert and often hides behind closed doors to only strike out when least expected. Racism has been deceasing and will continue to be decreased only through education. Hopefully, one day racism will cease to exist. But, that day if possible is many years away. Racism still exists in America today. This is a very verifiable fact for it is estimated that currently in the United States there exists 751 active hate groups that espouse racism and hate based on a persons race, ethnicity, or religion (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2003).
Battle of the Sexes Had the daughters and wives of the countryside played a part in the committees in Tunnel Six and elsewhere. Was it common for a woman to bring a dispute before the assembly. What did the fact of the conflict’s setting a pair of women against each other say about solidarity and division by gender in the countryside. Could a woman ever be a rondero. In 1977, a woman’s committee was organized in Cuyumalca by Omelia Lopez. Omelia was soon to be the first president of the women’s committee.

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Acts 2:4247 is a direct model for the Christian Church today. These verses are a clear example of faith in action. The Holy Spirit’s effect on the early church and apostles brought teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayer into fruition. The reallife love shown shouts to the 21st century church’s need to refocus on these basic tenants. This passage is a summary of the life of the early church. The four contexts in which the modernchurch can draw knowledge to incorporate these heartfelt actions are historical context, literary contexts, interpretation and application.
Dead Poets Society The Message of the Dead Poets Teachers are wonderful heroes. In the movie, Dead Poets Society the teacher/hero is John Keating, played magnificently by Robin Williams. The film takes place at a small preparatory boys' school (Welton Academy) in the late 1950's. The story follows the lives of a group of students and the way that Mr. Keating's teachings influence them. He encourages the boys to become freethinkers and to live life for the moment. The message hallowed by Keating is one of mortalitydo not waste your life, for you will get no other, and when you are "food for worms" will the world have been a better place because you were in it.
I can still remember my joyful life with my granddad. Keeping in mind, the way he used to laugh, his big broad smile, the smell of his perfume, which he left everywhere he went. The way he used to put his family first in everything he did, not forgetting his love for the relations. However, none of those incidents will physically take place now. My blissful times with him have ended. I hate to think about him gone forever. It is upsetting. Nevertheless, he’ll never be forgotten.
Russia had been an autocratic government for 300 years under the Romanov Dynasty before the revolution of 1917. When problems started in the early 1900’s most people were serfs that had been freed about 20 years before. In 1914 during World War One, Czar Nicholas II decided to stay in war with Germany despite what the rest of his country thought. Nicholas posed a distraction from the countries problems. His plan was to keep his soldiers minds off of the horrible living conditions of Russia by staying in war with Germany and starting a war with Japan in hope that he would lead his country to a victory; both wars were lost, giving Russian citizens more to be upset about.
The Dystopian Future of Neuromancer In reading a text like this one can look at it through the formalistic approach and gather aspects on different perspectives. In HCAL it instructs a reader to analyze a specific text by seeing the setting, certain styles, imagery, form, and texture. In William Gibsons book Neuromancer all these approaches can be seen. The novel takes place in the future and how Gibson portrays it will be. Every place is dark and gloomy with an illusion of dystopia; despair and unhappiness.

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The Mystery of Human Origin The mystery of human origin is an oftendebated topic. It is an issue that can never be proven, something as vague as the existence of God, the proof of a human soul, or even as evasive as the human psyche itself. The debate itself is divided between two main camps: the Evolutionists, who concur with Darwin's theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, and natural selection. They believe that mankind evolved from earlier versions of hominids, which in turn evolved from earlier primates.
Different arguments and disagreements between countries can be found throughout our history on this Earth. A relationship that is lesser known is the relationship between Japan and South Korea. Japan and South Korea are two countries that are trapped by their past. Although the two countries are slightly similar when it comes to manners,but they are also very different in cultures and beliefs. Different cultures and beliefs are not the only reason that is keeping them apart though. Japan and South Korea have a long history.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité, this was the motto of the French Revolution. It was coined by Pierre Leroux in 1838. The years 17791789 saw everything from the first constitution of France being drawn up, to the “Reign of Terror” in which the symbolic guillotine proved to be both the judge and the executioner. The Revolution initially started in an attempt to make the king answer to the people, in an attempt to overthrow the absolutist role and in an attempt to gain equality in all areas including taxation.

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At every moment in the brain, messages travel from neuron to neuron by jumping from terminal branches to dendrites and speeding down axons to create thoughts and ideas that fuel emotions and actions. Fairy tales become messages and float from neuron to neuron in the brain to generate images of unrealistic worlds filled with castles guarded by dragons, Fairy God Mothers who grant your every wish and genies who arrive out of lamps only to cause more problems or to fulfill destiny. Authors designed fairy tales to take the reader away from daily rituals in order to allow the reader to explore unattainable worlds and experience the journey of becoming a desirable, wealthy prince who saves the damsel in distress or become a poor girl who helps a beast transform back into a prince at her acquiescence of marriage.
Crusaders of Truth in Cat's Cradle and Pi In our world, people are constantly searching for the truth, or answers for things that seem unexplainable. On a quest to make the uncertainties of life easier, or more reasonable, some people have invented tools such as religion, and deemed them truthful. People such as Felix Hoenikker from Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, and Max Cohen from Darren Aronofsky's film Pi, resist such inventions and see a different definition of truth, which is science.
Meaning, Interpretation, and Tension in Literature "Iraqi Head Seeks Arms." (Pinker, p. 69) Quiproquo, double entendre, pun. These are instances of finding more than one possible meaning to an event, most often a phrase. We can't read Shakespeare, or Molière, or the works of many other authors if we don't believe that something can have more than one meaning. "There is no topic in philosophy that has received more attention than meaning, in its multifarious manifestations." (Dennett, p. 401) Meaning is one of our most intimate bedfellows – it is always in our minds.
Do high school administrators have the right to carry out unannounced body or locker searches. Does it violate the student’s body or personal belongings. Many people think that it is wrong for administrators to have random body and locker searches, but I think it is ok and somewhat necessary. Having unannounced body searches or locker searches is necessary because they keep schools safer, they enforce rules and they avoid harmful incidents. Random body and locker searches keep schools safer. When someone or their locker is searched, whatever it is that is illegal is removed and the student is suspended.
The Power of Words We use words every single day of our lives. It's the easiest way for humans to communicate. Without words, we would be left with only grunts, and gestures. This demonstrates how important, and powerful, words are. But just how powerful are words. Words have been known to cause wars, or create peace. In fact, the words one chooses can mean the difference between anger and peace. Take for instance, the synonyms of "shutup" and "be quiet." Though they both mean the same thing, "shutup" has a much greater amount of hostility than "be quiet." Word choice is certainly an important factor in the English language.

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Samuel Beckett's "Krapp's Last Tape" is about a man, Krapp, who through his spools of tape, looks back on his life whilst alone in his den. He is at present sixtynine years of age and has retrieved a spool, which dates back thirty years, age thirtynine. My opinion is that he is an alcoholic and that he has let himself go, so much so, that he wears ragged clothes, his appearance is of a scraggy, unshaven old man. His mind works in the same manner as his body: slow and labored. He refers to his alcoholism by saying "a man in my condition" and his resolutions, in which he promised to drink less.
Mishpat: Social Ethics in Jeremiah "[The LORD] defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing." ~Deuteronomy 10:18 [NIV] "Do not deprive the alien or the fatherless of justice" ~Deuteronomy 24: 17 [NIV] One of Yahweh's main concerns in making his covenant with Israel, after worshipping him alone, was maintaining social justice. Throughout Deuteronomy and subsequently in Jeremiah, we see the cry for mishpat, "justice," for the orphan, the widow, the poor, and the alien.
Analysis of Athol Fugard's Master Harold . . . and the Boys "It's a bloody awful world when you come to think of it. People can be real bastards." (Hally, pp. 15)"Master Harold" and the boys by Athol Fugard, is an informative text about the relationship between Hally, a 17 year old white boy, and Sam and Willie, two black men. As Hally falls victim to the attitudes of white supremacy and racial intolerances accompanying the Apartheid policy of the 1950's, their lifelong friendship is destroyed.

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“The Dead” Some say that people never change. They may be right, but no one really knows. What people do know is that every living person has one thing in common, something that will never change. Everyone will die, there’s no way around it. Every “new” and “old” generation will succumb to the same ghastly fate. The differences in the “old” generation and “new” generation sometimes collide in life. The contrast between generations in James Joyce’s “The Dead” is similar to the contrast in the generations today.
The period of the French Revolution known as the Reign of Terror was similar to the trials and tribulations faced by the characters of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The cycle of oppression, opportunity, and fear created the struggle for power that was key to the outcome of both events. The French Revolution, beginning in 1789, was a lengthy process in which the people of France took over the government and instituted a Republic (Chambers). The overarching goal of the Revolution was to place the power of government in the hands of the people.
On Beauty in a State I once heard the comment "beauty can save the world". This struck me as whimsical because I had always thought of beauty as pleasing and enjoyable and that's about it. But then I read Plato's Republic. His thoughts on beauty gave me new things to consider. To Plato, the presence of beauty in a state is the measure of the most important qualities of the state, primarily justice. In our day, beauty is often synonymous with such words as loveliness, attractiveness, charm, splendor, elegance, or magnificence.
In Darryl Pinckney’s discerning critical essay, “Richard Wright: The Unnatural History of a Native Son,” Pinckney states that all of Wright’s books contain the themes of violence, inhumanity, rage, and fear. Wright writes about these themes because he expresses, in his books, his convictions about his own struggles with racial oppression, the “brutal realities of his early life.” Pinckney claims that Wright’s works are unique for Wright’s works did not attempt to incite whites to acknowledge blacks.
Country Economic Analysis Report Throughout the years, the United States of America has endured a very strong economy. Although there have been many obstacles of hindrance such as trade deficits, wars, hostile governments and embargo’s, the economic status of the United States still continues to prevail. Just to name a few, the economy of this country survives on simple commodities such as pork, oranges, precious metals and the productive efforts of its citizens. In this paper, I will not only introduce and discuss the logistics of both the United States and the United Kingdom; I will discuss its key economic obstacles and its economic well being.

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Education stimulates and develops human thoughts and wisdom. In many developed countries, people are responsible to receive fundamental education to secondary school by law. Students attending university after high school became a social trend in North America for decades. Universities develop and train student with advance professional skills and knowledge. Graduate school and work are ultimate options university graduated students consider after achieving their bachelor diploma. Although comparable high expectations are anticipated from work and graduate study, graduate school is a more advantage option for university students after graduation.
The medieval woman was allowed a larger measure of freedom and status than the usual image we have of the Middle Ages. Women were allowed to own property and inherit from their family. Some women were employed and some were in charge of businesses. Among the upper class, women were as educated as their male counterparts. In Europe, women were allowed to inherit property from both their fathers and their husbands. In most cases, whatever the woman brought into a marriage in the form of a dowery was hers, even if her husband divorced her.
Cameroonian Students’ Complaint Letters and Job Applications Formal letter writing such as students’ complaint letters and job applications constitutes a genre of its own. Taking genre analysis to be the study of how language is used in a particular context, this category of nonliterary genre falls within a growing body of written texts exhibiting much of what may be considered Cameroonian peculiarities in English usage. The idea that genres would relate to specific sociocultural contexts within which they are written is, however, not new.

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Florida is losing the war on drugs though financial attrition. The economic impact of substance abuse in the Sunshine State is estimated to be roughly 6% of the state’s gross domestic product (Miami 20). Contributing to the problem is the myopic view of a judicial system that chooses to impose harsh criminal penalties, including incarceration, on nonviolent offenders with minor possession charges. Increasing budgetary constraints, leading to fewer available resources, contrast harshly with the rapidly growing substance abuse.
Bell Hooks' "A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change" “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewal of your minds.” Romans 12:2. Bell Hooks quotes the bible to explain to her audience that people don’t always have to follow societies perceived notions concerning racism; instead they should think for themselves and construct their own opinions about what is right. Bell Hooks’ essay, “A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change,” speaks about the integrated public school system and it’s effect on society of the later 1950’s and 1960’s.
Isadora Duncan Isadora Duncan was a famous dancer who brought a new kind of dance to the world. She danced out the feelings from deep in her heart. Unlike other dancers in the late nineteenth century, Isadora Duncan danced with flowing motion. She was not a ballerina, and did not like to watch ballet dancers, with their stiff bodies and unnatural pointe shoes. At first she was not liked, but as time went on, Isadora Duncan became a dance revolutionist people all over the world will never forget.
Global Market Research Case Study Analysis Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners are scoping out the possibilities of becoming a global practice. The practice has seen a decrease in architectural projects in Canada and has become aware of opportunities within the United States and other Europen countries. Sperry/MacLennan are beginning the research into the different possibilities and will need to identify the specific problem and prepare for possible challenges. Situation Description Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners located in Dartmouth, Novia Scotia is posed with the decisions to become a global architectural practice.
Can we stop the evil within mankind. People always hear about girls getting raped, murdered and kidnapped. The boys in Lord of the Flies by William Golding do practically the same thing by showing how evil man kind can be. In William Golding’s book, Lord of the Flies, a group of young British school boys have crashlanded on an uncharted island without parent authority. They are finding it harder to control the evil that is coming out of them. The boys fall apart politically, psychologically, and spirituality by wanting everything but the right thing (to be civil and respectful boys).

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Following in the Ways of Zen Buddhism I fell in love with the first Buddhist I ever met. That is to say I fell in love with a man who is a Buddhist. I, however, am not a Buddhist. I have faith in what I find to be right rather than committing to a religion that I would not wholeheartedly believe in. It would seem that a difference in our spiritual practices may be a strain on our relationship, but in truth our faith lies in similar areas. The biggest difference between us is that I lack the knowledge and self discipline to be a practicing Buddhist.
MOTOR EXAMINATION OF THE LOWER LIMB • Inspection Ask the child to lie down on the bed and expose to the underpants with the legs and thighs entirely exposed. Place a towel over the groin and inspect the lower limb. o Posture – Note the resting posture. Look for abnormal flexion or extension, unusual rotation, clawing of the foot or limb shortening. Always compare with the other side for symmetry. o Muscle Bulk Look for muscle wasting of the quadriceps and anterior tibials and hypertrophy of the calf muscles.
King Henry I The death of King Henry I in 1135 put Henry II on the path to the throne of England. Henry II lavish youth kept him sheltered from society only allowing him to have a couple friends. One of his life long friends soon became a burden because of differences in opinions about religion. Henry's intelligence and persistency from birth led him to be crowned King of England. The appointment of Thomas Becket to Archbishop by Henry II started the trend of conflict between the two over the separation of church and state.

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Boer War The Causes There were significant political conflicts between the two sides. The Boers treated all blacks very badly and did not give basic human rights even to the blacks working for them. They made them pay taxes but could not vote. It was said to be through religious reasons that the Boers treated blacks so badly. This awful treatment infuriated the British, who had abolished slavery in all its colonies as well as at home in 1834. The Dutch wanted to keep its slaves. Europeans working in the Boer territories were also mistreated.
Language and Literary Techniques in Othello The language and literary techniques used in William Shakespeare's Othello enrich the settings, plot, characters, and themes. Othello is a complex tragedy about good versus evil, loyalty, love, sexual jealousy, appearance versus reality, and intrigue, told in a first person point of view. The play takes place during the Renaissance in Venice, Italy and in Cyprus over three days. It is written in blank verse, usually unrhymed iambic pentameter.
Roses in the Desert Hearts starve as well as bodies, give us bread, but give us roses. James Oppenheim, line of “Bread and Roses,” poem written in 1911, quoting the protest slogans of female industrial workers What brings the human heart to starve. Such a critical question acutely fits into the rhyme and reason of character and theme in Stargirl and Holes. Discerning the meaning of a hungry human heart, against a back drop of parched desert environments, protagonists Leo, Stargirl and Stanley Yelnats walk in worlds fraught with injustice and cutting unkindness.
Thomas Edison was born February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. His parents were Sam and Nancy Edison. His father Samuel Edison Jr. was a rebel against the Royal Canadian Government and high tempered and stubborn like his father Samuel Edison Sr. Thomas Edison's mother was the daughter of a Baptist Minister and was the base in the Edison family. She also has the same temper as her husband which countered Samuel Edison Jr. They were married in 1828 in Vienna, Ontario. At the age of 14 Thomas Edison was pretty much interested in Electricity or any sort of thing involving electricity.
In Solitary Witness In the next few pages, from reading "In Solitary Witness," I will endeavor to answer the following questions: 1. In your own words give a brief biography of Franz Jagerstatter placing him in his time and place. 2. Discuss what you believe were the primary reasons why Jagerstatter refused to serve in the German army. 3. What were the attitudes of his community toward his stand. 4. What was the attitude of his church and church officials regarding his stand. 5. What were the attitudes of his family toward his stand.

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The Beach “The Beach” is a recent movie that has been released on videocassette. The movie starts off with a young man traveling around the world in pursuit for a perfect society. During his journey he visits Bangkok, Thailand where he meets a rather unstable and somewhat insane man. Throughout their conversation, the insane man kept referring to an island of paradise. On this island, there are beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear water, and enormous fields of marijuana. The exact environment the young man was searching for.
Someone, somewhere, commits suicide every 18 minutes. You might never be able to tell who it will be, it could be the person sitting right next . Statistics reveal that approximately three million youths, between 1218, have either thought about or attempted suicide in the past year. More than 1/3, actually succeeded. Only in the past two decades, have depression and suicide been taken seriously. Depression is an illness that involves the body, mood and thoughts. Depression affects the way a person eats and sleeps, feels about themselves, and the way they think of the things around them.
The Spanish Armada The Spanish Armada, also called the Invincible Armada (infra), and more correctly La Armada Grande, was a fleet (I) intended to invade England and to put an end to the long series of English aggressions against the colonies and possessions of the Spanish Crown; (II) it was however all but destroyed by a week's fighting and a disastrous cruise; (III) this led to the gradual decadence of the maritime power of Spain; (IV) Catholics on the whole supported the Armada, but with some notable exceptions.

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Earth First. and the WWF Network are both environmental organizations with ideologies spanning the breadth of environmental concern. Both are wellknown for their involvement worldwide. Both face distinct challenges in terms of growth, and both are on precipice of change. Both are faced with choices as to their direction and fate. EF. and the WWF have been successful, with their respective missions in mind, but the structures that have brought them to this point are proving to be obstacles in their development.
Syrian Woman Profile This portrait from the Riley collection is believed to have been taken off a funerary monument from Palmyra, Syria, in the early third century CE. Based on research of the lives of the Palmyrens and their funerary reliefs, a vague but somewhat accurate picture of the woman can be assembled. This woman was most likely a freeborn, although lower class, woman. Based on the known trends of Syrian art at the given period, it is likely that the woman had vey little monetary wealth upon her death, explaining the lack of any jewlery besides the headress being depicted in this statue.
Bureaucracy and the Pacific Way In Mike Judge’s movie Office Space, the main character Peter is a cog in the bureaucratic wheel. He works a middling job for several different bosses, none of who care about him on any personal or emotional level. The system functions smoothly, allowing the business to operate efficiently and effectively. These corporations, like a government bureaucracy are compartmentalized, impersonal, and utilitarian. Every component of every department works toward the goal of efficiency and development.
A Hero Defined in Homer's Odyssey What makes a hero. To be known as a hero takes a lot, but what is a true hero. Well, it depends on whom you ask. To some, a hero might just be a person who is courageous and brave, to others a hero might be a person that is a strong warrior and leader who wins battles; however, to some to others, a hero might be a person who uses his brain just as much as a warrior uses his sword. Odysseus, in Homer's epic, "The Odyssey", embodies the ideal human qualities that Homer's Greek society mostly admired.
Resolving a Shortage of City Police Officers Subject: Proposal to Write a Report Recommending a Pay Increase to Remedy the Shortage of City of Miami Police Officers Over the past few years, the nation has faced a "crisis" with the shortage of police officers (Axtman, 2006). It is well known that crime rates increase with the decrease in the number of police officers. Researchers have looked for the cause of such a decline and have identified low pay as a major reason for the deficiency. Problem Recent protests by City of Miami Police Officers have captured the attention of MiamiDade County.

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Video Games: Good or Bad. Introduction Furry, harmless hedgehog. Or crazy suicidal Rodent. Average, everyday plumber. Or, cruel, tortoise squashing pipe cleaner. Many teachers, psychologists, game manufacturers, parents, and of course children have debated this for many years are video games affecting our children in a positive or negative way. This is what I'll try to uncover in this report. You can find video games everywhere nowadays; they are in nearly every child's home in one way or another, you can find them on mobiles, arcades, Digital TV, portable games consoles and of course normal games consoles.
Few would argue that on the surface level of Marvel's "To His Coy Mistress" the speaker is a lover advancing a conventional 'carpe diem' line of thought. He systematically reasons with his desired object about the futility of delaying their interlude when the hours available to them are limited, but the lyric may simultaneously function as a metaphor for Marvel's endeavors as a metaphysical poet. Metaphysical writers view poetry as an intellectual exercise, an opportunity to develop ideas in a logical, argumentative structure; for them, the object of poetry is not to serve as an outlet for an effusion of emotional sentiments.
It is a scary thought to know that a pedophile is moving into your neighborhood. The parents become suspicious and worried, because they would be devastated if anything were to ever happen to their child. They want to know everything about the pedophile, like past convictions. The person wonders how an individual could ever do those sexual acts to a child, knowing very well the outcome of their choice. Their immediate assumption is the pedophile is a vial human being, unworthy of acceptance and forgiveness.

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The Ironic Title of The Great Gatsby Titling is a very important part of the fictionwriting process. It is important for authors to be careful in choosing their titles because the titles often can have great influence on certain aspects of the story. In the book, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the title was formulated with the intention of heightening characterization through the use of irony. When readers start to read this novel, they immediately see a man who seems very glamorous and powerful while they have already been predisposed to seeing him in an alluring light due to the book's title.
Needs completing The Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, through its subsidiaries, designs, sources and markets men's and women's, and children’s clothing under the Tommy Hilfiger trademarks. The Tommy Hilfiger Corporations major product is clothing which is broken into two major product categories men’s and women’s clothing. Tommy Hilfiger has an aggressive market development strategy with diversifying and pursuing markets that are already carried by the company. The company has taken their success in the U.S and found comparable markets overseas with a great deal of success.
Branches of the United States Government The Constitution of the United States of America was devised by our forefathers to guard the people's rights; also the Constitution had safeguards to ensure that the government would operate properly. "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." (U.S.
Best Man Wedding Speech Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen – I'd like to start by saying that what a genuine honor it is to be part of Rick's wedding. Rick certainly is handsome tonight, with his fine rented tux and shoes. On a gala evening such as this, you may find it hard to believe that Rick has not always been so handsome. The truth is, Rick was so ugly at birth, the doctor slapped his mother. The nurses were no more sympathetic, they diapered poor little Rick’s face. The fact is, his parents were so embarrassed of Rick that they borrowed another baby for the baptism ceremony.
How has the role of teachers changed, what factors have entered into the changing role of teachers. That is the topic of this lesson. To complete this lesson you will: write a review of a journal article. THE 21st CENTURY LIBRARIAN The classroom teacher is not the only professional in the school whose role is changing. Look at this video to see how the school librarian's role has changed in the modern school. The 21st Century Librarian JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW 1 "Codes of Ethics" Topic: Teacher's Code of Ethics.

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Karl Marx and His Work German Economic/Political Philosopher 1818 1883 This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and his partner Friedrich Engels. The document first appeared in 1848 and has been a manuelfor the following political parties: Socialist, Social Democratic, Labor, and Communist. In the time of its existence it has created disagreement all over the world. Friedrich Engels said these words in 1888 to summarize the Communist Manifesto.
The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is a timeless piece of work that is applicable to many societies. The Crucible was written to criticize the outrageous behavior of Americans in the 1950’s. The McCarthy Era in the 1950’s parallels the witch hunt in Salem. Miller’s work is still relevant for political situations today even though it was specifically written to criticize that time period. Both the McCarthy Era and the Salem Witch Trials display the danger of collective hysteria, the speed of rumors, and the inability of accusers to stop the accusations once they have started.
Madison vs Marshall Upon the Declaration of Independence, a “plan of confederation” was offered to be prepared for the colonies. This plan, known as The Articles of Confederation, established a “league of friendship” among the states rather than a national government. The most significant fact about the created government was it’s weakness, it could not enforce even the limited powers it had. In James Madison’s words, in his Federalist Paper #10 “complaints are everywhere heard…that our governments are too unstable”.

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He Has written 16 books ranging from The war on Terror to Butterflies. The Recipient of many awards, He first won a shared Armstrongdu Pont in the early 70’s for his work at KSAN about the shootout at San Quentin He also received awards for his work with Americans imprisoned overseas. He was an NBC correspondent who has visted dozens of countries covering stories of every magnitude. Why did he write about butterflies. He was Tired of always writing about negativity in the news and its focus on always showing the worse in thing and also being “war weary” at a book signing he was asked what his next book would be about and he jokingly said that it would be about flowers and butterflies.
America, dubbed the “land of the free” by the Star Spangled Banner, is known for democracy, freedom, and the American Dream. American citizens have the right to free speech, free press, the right to bear arms, and the right to religious freedom to name a few. The Declaration of Independence states that American citizens have the rights including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” America promises equality and freedom and the protection of their rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.
Stone's Cynicism Exposed in Natural Born Killers As a hardworking college student living (without a TV) in this impenetrable Gothic galaxy, I am usually quite oblivious to popular culture. I was not even aware of the barrage of hype surrounding the release of Natural Born Killers. My attention was directed belatedly to the movie by a letter from a friend in which she lamented the present state of humanity or lack thereof. And yet, I still stayed away from the movie for over a month despite my knowledge that it would be at the very least thoughtprovoking.
Out of every thousand people in the United States, one person can say that they have experienced one of the most painful episodes one can go through. Some have said that compared to this, pregnancy is easy. Over half a million people will experience kidney stones this year, and a third of them will be hospitalized. Kidney stones are hard, crystalline deposits in the kidney. They are usually hexagonal, eighty percent of which are made of calcium. These calcium stones are two to three times more common in men, and are most likely to reoccur.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – The Hunting Scenes Often when a story or lesson is to be relayed, the teller will describe the story or lesson by using an example that parallels the lesson. This can be an effective method of portraying a story. in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the hunting scenes of Bertilak parallel the tests given to Gawain during his stay at Hautdesert Castle. Bertilak's first hunting scene was of a deer hunt. Bertilak knew when he first started his hunt that he would have to use similar skills against this animal of great speed and nimbleness.

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Margaret Hilda Thatcher “I just owe almost everything to my Father and it’s passionately interesting for me that the things that I learned in a small town, in a very modest home, are just the things that I believe have won the election.” (5) Margaret Hilda Thatcher, the Daughter of a grocer, was born on October 13, 1925 to Alfred and Beatrice Roberts of Grantham in Lincolnshire, England. Her overwhelming sense of selfconfidence and ambition ruled her life from the time she was a small child, through her Oxford years, and during her early years in politics.
Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Frankenstein Views on School Shootings On a sunny spring day in April 1999, a suburban school named Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado found itself under attack by two of its own students. ( ) In less than fifteen minutes of the first lunch period on that Tuesday, two armed students killed thirteen and wounded twentyone fellow classmates before they turned the guns on themselves the most devastating school shooting in U.S. history. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only school shooting; about thirtyfive students die every year from school shootings.
The Sophist views and beliefs originated in Ancient Greece around 400 B.C.E. The Sophists were known as wandering rhetoricians who gave speeches to those who could afford to listen. The Sophists deeply believed in the power of rhetoric and how it could improve one’s life. Plato on the other hand was opposed to all Sophist beliefs. He viewed the Sophists as rhetorical manipulators who were only interested in how people could be persuaded that they learned the truth, regardless if it was in fact the truth.

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Research Issues in Psychology Critical Review of a Research Article Pupils who exhibit gifted characteristics along with another disability are referred to as ‘twiceexceptional students’ (Morrison, 2001; Nielsen 2002). This term is used in the article that I have chosen to review, which analyzes the responses and perceptions through interview, of one particular individual (Andrew) who was identified as being gifted and talented (G/T) and who had emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD). What the researchers aimed to accomplish through this analysis was a clearer understanding of Andrew’s community and school experiences, as they stated that there was a lack of empirical data focusing upon pupils who displayed such behaviors.
It is human nature to desire freedom and yearn passion, yet it is also human nature to obtain acceptance and follow reason. It is a never ending battle between passion and reason; without reason there is no acceptance, without passion there is no freedom. In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, Jane strongly struggles between passion and reason. Though Jane loves Mr. Rochester, her employer at Thornfield Hall, she has certain values to uphold in order to conform with society. Jane does not let her affections overtake her morality, though her return to Mr.
Romeo and Juliet has always been one of Shakespeare's most popular plays (Bryant xxiii) "This play, like Shakespeare's other works, is a tribute to his discernment of the human soul" (Lipson and Lipson 1). The Elizabethan people of that time saw in the drama a reflection of their own life and experience. It’s appearance, then, was human rather than analytical or educational. "Romeo and Juliet is one of the world's greatest plays because Romeo and Juliet are what Shakespeare has made them" Lipson and Lipson 11).
Influential female characters in literature reflect the struggle for equality women have with men. Much like reality, these characters seek individualism and liberty from, or equality with, men in a society dominated by men. These seekers are called feminists and many feminists see Charlotte Bronte’s titular character Jane Eyre as a protofeminist icon of the Victorian era. Not only does Jane Eyre show the struggle of one woman under one man it represents the struggle of women in a maledominated society.
Hester Prynne: The Ultimate Feminist Heroine In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s American classic The Scarlet Letter the main character Hester Prynne is portrayed as the preeminent feminist heroine through the portraiture of her crime and punishment. In this novel, a Puritanical society in New England condemns Hester Prynne to wear a highly embossed depiction of the letter “A” on her breast as punishment for an act of adultery. How Hester handles the consequences of her castigation is what brings about the heroic feministic qualities of the main character.

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Bure rockets to Rangers New York Rangers fans have to be the happiest in hockey right now following the acquisition of threetime goalscoring champion Pavel Bure. "The Russian Rocket" will be in the lineup tonight when the Rangers host the Vancouver Canucks. The irony can't be missed. Bure rocketed to fame with the Canucks, leading them to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994 the first year he led the NHL in goals only to be defeated by the Rangers. In 1999, the Rangers turned down a trade involving Bure with the Canucks, who then traded the Moscow native to the Florida Panthers, for whom he twice led the NHL in goals.
Street Racing The intricacies that are involved in turning a regular car into a “Street Racer” are many; and racers pour their souls into these magnificent machines. After seeing “the Fast and the Furious” many people have or wanted to become involved in street racing. They do not realize that this is a sport that takes knowledge, hard work, and nerve. Many of these racers have spent their lives under a car, learning the trade and improving upon it. As I have learned, this is not just a hobby; it is a way of life.
Dead Man's CurveCollege Roommate's Death Boosts GPA Introduction and Background The legend I collected was one that I had heard before, although this version differed a little from the way I remember it. The storyteller was a 19 yearold male first year student at the University. He’s from Columbia, and his dad works in business while his mother is a homemaker. The telling of this story took place at the diner after we had finished eating: Well, my brother told me one his first summer back from attending University.

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The Controversial Decisions of the US Government in History In 1804 the United States takes formal possession of what is now Missouri. In 1820 After fierce debate, Congress admits Missouri as a slave state. The question of Missouri statehood sparks widespread disagreement over the expansion of slavery. The resolution, eventually known as the Missouri Compromise which allowed Missouri to enter the union as a slave state along with the entrance of the free state of Maine, preserving a balance in the number of free and slave states.
Batman as a Man Who May be Suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder Many of us have grown up watching cartoons throughout our childhood. Of the many cartoons on television is Batman. This cartoon has been on television for many years. It is a story of a man who is a successful businessman during the day and a mysterious superhero by night. Bruce Wayne is the man who is this mysterious man with the two identities. He is both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Only a selected few know both of his identities.
Dreams The powers of dreams have always been underestimated. There is a whole new world in the sub conscious mind that helps us in a subtle way. In this project you will see how a baby was born because of a dream, how nightmares can be partially good for you, be given a background on dreams in general and details on interpreting your own dreams amongst other things. Background Everybody dreams but not everybody can remember them. We usually don't remember dreams when we suddenly wake up and move about.
Interracial Relations and Marriages Outline Thesis statement,: The United States has witnessed a considerable social and cultural desegregation of Black and Caucasian Americans. However, despite years of desegregation, racial and cultural differences still exist. I show these differences still exist in the institution of marriage. 1. Americans have been and are continually moving slowly away from segregation. A. Since the 1960's Blacks have been allowed to move into mainly Caucasian neighborhoods.
Western Influence and Women of the Middle East The omnipresence of the American and European culture in the countries of the Middle East is a universally recognized phenomenon. The culture, thoughts and status quo of the people have been and continually are being changed and challenged due the mass spread of American goods and ideas. The American national culture largely revolves around the wants, needs and goals of the individual. As the one of the greatest superpowers of the time, its influence on the global community towards the focus on the individual is nothing short of inevitable.

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Impact of Technology and Improved Transportation of Information Today, we are in the midst of a continuing technological communications revolution that is unprecedented in world history. The computer has contributed greatly to this, for with such newer technology as computer linkups, often by way of satellites, information is available almost everywhere in the world virtually instantaneously, in seemingly unlimited amounts, and at a low cost; that is planetary access has been achieved. In this sense, communication, abetted by better transportation of information, is continuing to make different parts of the earth’s surface more similar to each other, but now on a world rather than a national scale.
Aristotle on Paideia of Principles ABSTRACT: Aristotle maintains that paideia enables one to judge the method used by a given speaker without judging the conclusions drawn as well (I.1 De Partibus Animalium). He contends that this "paideia of principles" requires three things: seeing that principles are not derived from one another; seeing that there is nothing before them within reason; and, seeing that they are the source of much knowledge. In order to grasp these principles, one must respectively learn to recognize what distinguishes the subject matters studied in different disciplines, see first principles as coming from experience and acquire the habit of seeking them in one’s experience and, finally, see first principles as being the source of conclusions.
15 The economy of power ‘I would like to suggest another way to go further towards a new economy of power relations, a way which is more empirical, more directly related to our present situation, and which implies more relations between theory and practice. Michel Foucault, 1982 Beyond the repressive hypothesis: Power as power/knowledge Foucault never attempts any (impossible) definition of power. At best, he gives a definition of power relations in an essay published in 1982: ‘The exercise of power is not simply a relationship between partners, individual or collective; it is a way in which certain actions modify others.

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Sigmund Freud; Father of the psychoanalytic school of psychology, was not a friend to religious belief. Freud’s understanding of religion, to put it bluntly, was that of an illusion. That is to say, not necessarily false, but developed in response to the need to overcome the conflict between our sexual natures and the nature of civilisation. From this, we can attempt to critique said theory in order to see how “valid” it really is in the face of religion. For Freud’s position to be truly valid, we have to prove that the Oedipus complex is a fully universal sexual trauma, and that buried trauma can really manifest itself in the form of religion.
Ernest Hemingway: Allegorical Figures in The Sun Also Rises Thesis: Hemingway deliberately shaped the protagonists in The Sun Also Rises as allegorical figures. OUTLINE I. The Sun Also Rises A. Hemingway's novel. B. Hemingway's protagonists are deliberately shaped as allegorical figures. C. Novel symbolizing the impotence after W.W.I. II. Jake Barnes. A. Wound. 1. Damaged genitalia. 2. Can't make love. 3. Feels desire. B. Wound is symbol of life in years after W.W.I. C. Wound from accident. 1.
Importance of the Setting in Uncle Tom's Cabin The book, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was obviously a novel where the setting was the major factor in the plot of the story. If this had taken place in any other area, like Canada, there would not have even been as story because slavery did not exist there. Therefore the South was the prime region to have this plot revolve around. Everything contained here contributed to the actions of the characters, which will be explained in the following paragraphs.
Through contrasting the family members and views in “Everyday Use”, Alice Walker illustrates the importance of understanding African American traditions of their own culture. Using careful descriptions and attitudes, Walker demonstrates which factors contribute to the values of one’s heritage and culture; she illustrates that these are represented not by the possession of objects, but by one’s lifestyle and attitude. In this paper I will explain the theme of the story “Everyday Use In “Every Day Use” Walker shows the different sides of culture and heritage in the characters of Dee and the mother.
REFLECTIVE ANALYSIS The Decision I am in the military and the decisions that I make effects someone or something either directly or indirectly. My status in the military allows me to make all sorts of decisions, from what pens and furniture to purchase to who to send to war, where and when. This particular decision I want to talk about is a decision that involved peoples lives. This decision changed my aspect of life and the military as I knew it. I was in charged of this element that was getting ready to deploy, and we had just had a urinalysis in which a couple of soldiers came up positive on for marijuana, cocaine and other barbiturates When a soldier comes up positive for an illegal substance, it use to be a time where we were suppose to detain the individual, send him to the necessary facility to get help and then Chapter him out the military because we can no longer use that individual.

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Yasser Arafat has survived any number of "defining moments" and "turning points" in his decades as a Palestinian leader. Now comes another, perhaps the final one. The horrific slaughter of more than two dozen innocent Israelis in attacks in Jerusalem and Haifa over the weekend makes it imperative that the Palestinian Authority president break the back of the terrorist groups that carry out such murders of pure hatred. Arafat's failure to do so would open the door to an allout Israeli war on organizations such as Hamas, which claimed responsibility for the most recent attacks, and Islamic Jihad, surely with greater suffering for the Palestinian people Arafat claims to represent.
During the course of this class and a previous class I’ve been learning and researching the importance of differentiated instruction. It is by no means a new concept maybe just a new term. Take a one room school house, years ago. There were no separate grade levels. Everyone was in the same classroom with one teacher and the teacher taught to meet the needs of each student in the room. This was differentiated instruction; they just didn’t know it at the time. Differentiated instruction comes from the belief that there are differences among students, how they learn, learning preferences, and interests.
American Media Influence on Global Culture Pop culture is a term coined by sociologists to define American media influence today. Society is bombarded with themes that define pop culture: progress, material gain, individual freedom and wealth. Media, in particular television commercials, movies, newspapers and radio stations, encourages Americans how to think, what to buy and where to live. According to a study done by graduate students at Harvard, as technology expands and media corporations seek audiences in foreign countries, fear of global cultural homogenization by American pop culture increases.[1] However, many barriers prevent American influence from producing cultural changes.

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Published financial information is issued to meet the needs and demands of their users. These range from Shareholders who will check on what direction the company is heading, whether it has achieved healthy profits, that it's solvent, the value of the company and possible signs of failure. Other users are the employees, who will want to check the statements to see whether their jobs are safe and see if possible, whether there could be wage and pension increases. This report offers information on operating results and financial conditions of companies to stakeholders as well as to shareholders.
After two world wars, the balance of power between the genders in America had completely shifted. Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire is a harsh, yet powerful play that exposes the reality of the gender struggle. Williams illustrates society’s changing attitudes towards masculinity and femininity through his eloquent use of dramatic devices such as characterization, dialogue, setting, symbolism, and foreshadowing. Stanley, the protagonist, is a symbol for society’s view of the stereotypical male.
Poverty has become a crucial fact worldwide and has a great influence on economic development. Foreign aid from wealthy regions has been dedicated to reducing poverty. Before delving into the argument, it is necessary to clarify the term “western countries” and “global poverty”. Western countries refer to the most developed countries which have in common a high standard of living for most of the residents, such as the United States, most European countries and Australia. Global poverty in this essay can be defined as having no or very limited access to fresh water, medical facilities, and education (Sumner, 2011, internet).
Black Incarcerated Males For the past two decades, the criminal justice system in the United States has been undergoing a tremendous expansion. There are now more than one million black men in jail and that one out of every four black males will go on prison in there lifetime. Knowing these statistics it put a burden on the black community because many families are left with single family home, the unemployment rate for black male go up, they can not vote and now they make jail seem like it is fun to go to.
Plastic is Better In Recent times outside beauty and staying forever young are the newest trend among today's society. Women are the highest percentage of this trend because women have been conditioned at young age to believe outer beauty is unsurpassed. Plastic or cosmetic surgery in the past has been kept hushed, never knowing did she have her nose worked on. Today plastic surgery is being embraced by the millions and highly looked upon. Recently a friend of mine had a breast augmentation. Her argument was the need to feel more confident in her own body.

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Cause and Effect Essay The Right Of Way In the state of Washington, pedestrians have always had the right of way. However, the recent enforcement of this law is causing traffic problems citywide. Traffic tends to come to a screeching halt without any warning. I was driving North on Nevada Street in Spokane, three of four lanes of traffic had stopped to allow a man and a young child to cross the street, the fourth lane of traffic had not stopped. Finally a car in that fourth lane of traffic stopped, causing the car behind it to slam on the brakes, literally coming to a screeching halt.
After watching the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, I felt enthralled to dive deeper into the topics associated within the movie. So I begin by researching and conducting sociological analysis of the characters’ genders and sexualities. In addition, I will be examining the movie based on gender, socialization, media and evaluating the acceptance and portrayal of gay people in this particular movie. To further increase the depth and validity of the paper, I will be using terminology that directly applies to the situation, by which I shall break down accordingly.
Tyco International Management Planning The markets change, costs rise and fall, stocks adjust and all this happens within one day of business, and then there are organizations that have experienced scandals and have never recovered such as, Enron and WorldCom. Then there are organizations like Tyco International Ltd, which has experienced scandal and financial difficulties, bounced back by implementing new policies and procedures to make its operations more ethical and productive all of which has allowed the organizations to continue to meet customer demands.

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Benefiting the host city with improved infrastructure, increased employment, and good public image, the Olympics have had, statistically, a positive economic effect on host cities from 1972 to 2000 (PreuГџ 5). In 1984, Los Angeles declared an economic surplus as a result of hosting the Olympic Games. The number of cities vying for ensuing bids has increased since 1984. Vancouver, considering these benefits, is actively pursuing the 2010 Winter Games Bid. Supported by Ottawa, the British Columbia provincial government, and the cities of Vancouver and Whistler, the Vancouver bid committee is spending thirty million dollars to finance the bid.
Analysis of Bruce Springsteen's Song "Devils & Dust" In times of war it is quite common for people to start questioning their values and their actions and be unsure of the path they are taking. This is common because to protect our values we often are told that we have to take actions that conflict with those values. One example would be how to protect our liberties we must sometimes restrain those liberties during treacherous times. However, the ultimate question is whether or not going against the very values we stand for is a hypocritical and wrongful action plan.
The Sedition Act of 1798 missing works cited For the first few years of Constitutional government, under the leadership of George Washington, there was a unity, commonly called Federalism that even James Madison (the future architect of the Republican Party) acknowledged in describing the Republican form of government " And according to the degree of pleasure and pride we feel in being republicans, ought to be our zeal in cherishing the spirit and supporting the character of Federalists." Although legislators had serious differences of opinions, political unity was considered absolutely essential for the stability of the parties or factions were considered evil as "Complaints are everywhere heard from our most considerate and virtuous citizens, equally the friends of public and private faith, and of public and personal liberty, that our governments are too unstable, that the public good is disregarded in the conflicts of rival parties, and that measures are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority_" Public perception of factions were related to British excesses and thought to be "the mortal diseases under which popular governments have everywhere perished." James Madison wrote in Federalist Papers #10, "By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community." He went on to explain that faction is part of human nature; "that the CAUSES of faction cannot be removed, and that relief is only to be sought in the means of controlling its EFFECTS." The significant point Madison was to make in this essay was that the Union was a safeguard against factions in that even if "the influence of factious leaders may kindle a flame within their particular States, [they will be] unable to spread a general conflagration through the other States." What caused men like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to defy tradition and public perceptions against factions and build an opposition party.
Missing Works Cited INTRODUCTION An interesting question that scientists and philosophers have studied for hundreds of years is how large groups come together to make a common decision. This process is called social choice. The main aspect about social choice that has been addressed is how multiple choices of individuals in a group become one preference for the entire group. The main groups that have been studied in regard to social choice are human groups, and how we have developed a voting system to choose one outcome over many other alternatives.
"There is immutable conflict at work in life and in business, a constant battle between peace and chaos. Neither can be mastered, but both can be influenced. How you go about it is the key to success" (Phillip Night 20th century businessman) A team, theoretically, should work like a welloiled machine. Like a state of the art machine most enlightened people should be able to function peacefully for the stated purpose of geting the job done. However, oil can be forgotten, a scheduled maintenance item missed, and the machine slows or stops altogether.

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Many important pieces of literature were produced during the 17th century. One of the most prominent literary voices in history was William Shakespeare. He wrote and produced plays many famous tragedies during the early 1600’s such as Twelfth Night, Measure for Measure, Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth, and King Lear which many believe it was one of his best. Miguel de Cervantes became a legendary author when he penned the novel, Don Quixote de la Mancha. This lengthy and popular story “is considered a valuable work not only to literature buffs, but also to those interested in understanding what life was like in Spain during the reign of Kings Phillip II and III” (Taylor 101).
During the beginning of Charlemagne's imperial reign, the Church was full of inconsistencies and unorthodox practices. Clergy from different areas practiced the faith in different ways because many of the texts they used were badly translated and contained errors.1 Charlemagne would receive letters, detailing monks prayers, that contained both “correct thoughts and uncouth expressions”2 He was worried that if they could not write correctly, then they might be misinterpreting the bible and God would not be honored.
Photosynthesis:Energy from the Sun Identifying Photosynthetic Reactants And Products A. The water for photosynthesis in land plants comes primarily from the soil and must travel from the roots to leaves. B. Carbon dioxide is taken in, and water and O2 are released, through tiny openings in leaves , called stromata. is absolutely necessary for the production of oxygen and carbohydrate. The photosynthetic production of oxygen by green plants is an important source of atmospheric oxygen, which most organisms –including plants themselves –require in order to complete their respiratory chains and obtain the energy for life.

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Odysseus: A Hero Heroism was not an invention of the Greeks. Yet, through the first hundreds years of their civilization, the Greek literature has already given birth to highly polished and complex long epics that revolved around heroes. These literature works gave many possibilities of definition of heroism. The Greeks illustrated heroism to obey the rules laid down by the gods and goddesses, and those who obey the rules would gain honor and fame. The Greeks regarded intelligence as one of the highest gifts that all heroes must posses.
When exploring the relationships between nations, a number of conceptual models exist. Each model purports to explain and predict the interactions between international actors. Three of these schools of thought were initially enumerated in The Dividing Discipline: Hegemony and Diversity in International Theory. (K. J. Holsti, 1985) These schools were the “Classical Paradigm”, “Theory of Global Society”, and the “NeoMarxist” conceptual models. This paper will explore each of Kalevi Holsti’s three schools of thought and the unique advantages and disadvantages of each.
The question of whether Satan is the hero or the villain of John Milton’s Paradise Lost has been largely debated by scholars over the centuries. The ones who believe Satan is the villain of the epic, more commonly known as the AntiSatanists, tend to argue that Satan is too foolish to be considered a hero, as his “hostility to Almighty power” is ultimately a futile endeavour (as God’s power is omnipotent) (Carey, 135). C.W. Lewis, also an antiSatanist, goes as far as to claim that to “admire Satan, then, is to give one’s vote not only for a world of misery, but also for a world of lies and propaganda, of wishful thinking” (Lewis, 203).
In a fiction story, when the concept of a “turn of events” is incorporated into the plot, it typically acts as the rising action of plot. The trusted compatriot when turned into the adversary of the protagonist creates not only an element of deception, but also the purest yet most inadequate form of humanity. The elements of the trusted friend and the betraying ally are integrated into George Orwell’s 1984 character of O’Brien and Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises character of Robert Cohn as they contradict their initial characteristics as friends to develop into a traitor to their protagonist.
Different opinions on Columbus Throughout all of our years that we are taught about world history, we are led to believe that Columbus was one of the greatest explorers of all time. In my mind there is no question about whether Christopher Columbus discovered America; of course he did, its Columbus. However, this is a highly debated issue and through writings by authors Jeffery Hart and James W. Loewen we will investigate the true importance of Columbus. In the essay written by Jeffrey Hart entitled, “Discovering Columbus”, he argues strongly that, in fact, Columbus did discover America.

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Marketing Strategy for the Mars Ice Cream Bar My Aims for this Report In this report I will be focusing my attention on Mars Ice Cream Bar. I will investigate how they promote their product. I will do this by investigating how they advertise their product, and where, as well as looking at how they package their product and at the same time I will look at where they sell the Mars ice cream bar. Also I will be investigating their main rivals and compare their marketing mix’s. This will give me a better chance of giving good suggestions on how they could improve their ice cream product to bring in a larger revenue and get away from their main rivals so they could dominate the ice cream bar market.
Socrates' Last Error In the dialogue, Crito, Socrates justified his decision to accept his death penalty. His decision was praised as principled and just. However, such a view was one of the greatest myths in the history of philosophy. Contrary to the accepted ideas, I wish to show that Socrates’ argument was erroneous, the crucial error being his failure to distinguish between substantial and procedural justice. In fact, the whole of the Crito refers to some deeper problems of the philosophy of law and morality.
Hate Crime Laws Since the United States of America and long with the whole world is filled with diversity there will always be conflicts about believes and feelings towards each other. Many people have their believes and keep them to themselves. Then there are the type of people that feel they have to put their believes into actions and hurt others or destroy things to get their point across. These believes that hurt and destroy others things and lives are called hate crimes. Hate crimes are becoming more and more common everyday.

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Susto, fright or soul loss is a folk illness mainly composes of symptoms of depression, weakness, and loss of appetite. It primarily reflects in Latin Americans cultures, but mostly Indian communities, especially Mexicans. Although, other cultures may suffer from similar symptoms it might not relate to susto. This reading focus on modern descriptions of the cultures affected and the symptoms they present. Also, describes the methods used to revoke the effects of susto on the individual. This investigation focuses primarily on the interviewing of individuals originally from Latin Americans, who have knowledge of susto or agonized from it; and the methods used by the curandero (a) to help the “patient”.
The Development of the Centre for Migration Studies Irish Emigration Database In 1988 the Ulster American Folk Park (UAFP) near Omagh in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland began to set up a computerised Irish Emigration Database (IED) in its library. This was a groundbreaking project at that time and was immediately beset by problems of all kinds, the details of which will be explained later. By 1997 the Folk Park’s library had expanded to become the Centre for Emigration Studies and eventually the Centre for Migration Studies (CMS).
Women in the Military Women now comprise 14 percent of the activeduty Armed Forces of the United States. That figure is up from 1.6 percent 25 years ago (Christian Science Monitor 1998:20). In 1948, President Truman signed the Women's Armed Services Integration Act which formalized the role of women in the military. Under the law, each branch of the service was allowed to appoint one woman Colonel (Byfield, 1998:02). Now, there are numerous women who serve as Generals and Admirals. They comprise all components of the forces including serving in combat units and aboard ships.
Extrajudicial killings, or targeted killings as it is sometimes called, is the “deliberate, specific targeting and killing, by a government or its agents, of a supposed terrorist or of a supposed ‘unlawful combatant’ (i.e., one taking a direct part in hostilities in the context of an armed conflict) who is not in that government's custody” (“Targeted Killing”, Wikipedia). For years, targeted killings have been an integral part of modern warfare and in recent times has also integrated itself into the everyday law enforcement.
Ethical Education The goal of education is to develop the highest level of mental, moral and physical ability within students. Ethics are just as important as factual knowledge and physical wellbeing. Sadly, public schools in this country are against ethical expression of any kind. Ethics are a threat to the school system because they may encourage a need for change in the present standard of education, which is decidedly antiethical. In U.S. public schools, students are processed through a wellbuilt machine designed to perpetuate the status quo.

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Missing Works Cited "Globalization, both as an ideology and process, has become the dominant political, economical and cultural force in the 21st century." Quote from "Globalism: The New Market Ideology" by Manfred Globalization essentially is the growth of an industry to a world wide scale. Globalization is seen in several varying ways. Many tend to believe that expanding the political, economic, and cultural spectrums of the world will essentially lead the masses in to an enlightened future.
Child Pornography So how important is sex, in general, to this country and the whole world for that matter. Here is a very easy, simple test. Do a search on with the keyword sex. The results will give back over sixtytwo million sites. This is a staggering number, especially when you do a search with the keywords family, love and education and see that you come convincingly short of the results you get in the former. Pornography has been the leading player in exhibiting sexual behavior to those who care for such things.
Every writer has that one special quirk that keeps readers coming back for more. Whether it is the humor or the characters, most authors carry their quirks from story to story. In “Shooting an Elephant,” George Orwell describes his experience of shooting an elephant. In “A Hanging,” he describes the emotions that run through him as he watches the hanging of a prisoner. Both essays have similar key ideas that identify Orwell as a writer. The results of pride and power contribute to the themes that connect his essays and identify Orwell as a descriptive writer.

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The Road to Coorain Have you ever wondered how much your up bringing and early family life affected the person you are. Jill Ker Conway, in her autobiography The Road to Coorain, both literally and figuratively maps out her early life, placing specific emphasis on geographic location and the importance it made to her as an adult. Her life as a young girl in the western outback shaped her view toward the world, just as our backgrounds have shaped who we are. After Conway's trip to England she states that, It took a visit to England for me to understand how the Australian landscape actually formed the ground of my own consciousness, shaped what I saw, and influenced the way a scene was organized in my mental imagery.
My Teaching Philosophy Statement There are many teachers, with many different teaching styles. There are teachers who are strict and do not allow for any disruptions in the classroom. Then we have teachers who do not even really care what is going on in the classroom. The way that these teachers, and so many more, teach is a result of their personal philosophies on education. Before you can decide how you want to run your classroom, you need to remember that not all students learn in the same way.
Beware of Your Washing Machine and its Shiftless Partner, the Dryer Professor’s comment: This student’s writing embodies a peculiar configuration of literary polish, linguistic facility, playful authorial selfawareness, and unadulterated goofiness. It is proudly, but not without trepidation, that I submit this essay to 123HelpMe and unleash the elegant lunacy of Rob Geis upon an unsuspecting world. Around the world, across America, even here in town, there is a crime occurring—a robbery of unguessed proportions and most of us aren’t even aware of happens every week, yet we blithely aid and abet the criminals, willingly, if unconsciously, destroying the evidence of their heinous offence.
Thomas E. Drabek, disaster researcher and prolific author of disaster literature, has been my favorite in both of those categories since I was introduced to his work in one of my first Crisis and Disaster Management (CDM) courses at the University of Central Missouri. His disaster research work and writings have motivated and inspired me to entertain the idea of becoming a disaster researcher. Prior to reading Drabek’s work and especially his book, The Human Side of Disasters, (Drabek, 2010), I was uncertain about my future role in CDM.
How Advertising Affects Our Society Advertising is an important social phenomenon. It both stimulates consumption, economic activity models, lifestyles and a certain value orientation. Consumers are confronted with substantial daily doses of advertising in multiple media. With the perpetual bombardment of marketing media, it is presumable that it will affect our individualism and society as a whole. This is an analytical approach to advertising's effects on the society. Consumer minds' can be changed, opinions molded.

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The Meaning of Love in Othello The Bible says that 'all else is redundant without love', a most profound and relevant statement underlining the tragedy of Othello; in the absence of love, the Moor's fortunes plummet, so that he loses not only his respect and his posting but his life and that of his wife also. However, to truly understand the depth of this tragedy, it is essential to understand from where Othello, the protagonist, is coming before the arrival of his peripiteia, his falling out of love and into jealousy.
Freezing Point of Naphthalene I. Purpose To determine the freezing point of a known substance, naphthalene II. Materials ringstand gas source test tube test tube clamps thermometer naphthalene Bunsen burner goggles hose stopwatch III. Procedure 1. Assemble the Bunsen burner, attaching one end of the hose to the burner and the other to a gas source. 2. Assemble the ring stand so that a ring clamp is attached to the stand holding the test tube that will be used in the experiment.
A Rose for Emily: Factors the Impacted Miss Emily's Behavior "A Rose for Emily" is a fictional short story written by 1949 Nobel Prize winner William Faulkner. Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" is about an aristocratic woman who lived a very secretive and unusual life. Miss Emily had always been very sheltered by her father. He was the only man in her life and after his death, her behavior became even more unnatural. However her father's death cannot be seen as the only cause of Miss Emily's insanity.

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In 313 AD the Emperor Constantine formally recognized the Christian religion. Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, this event affected the way people thought and lived their lives. Had a great impact on how rulers viewed their power and used their powers. Such influence was portrayed in Christian art as we know today. Although Christianity was initially practiced within Semitic populations of the Roman Empire, by the 4th century A.D the Christian religion had a huge impact to the Greeks and also the early Byzantine Empire.
In a dictionary the word ‘protest’ is explained as “an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid” ( , n.d.). As definitions have to be written in a formal style and to make sure they are often is used mitigation. In this case words (like ‘expression of disapproval’) also seem to imply that protest is a harmless action. In the reality though if talking about protest the most common associations would be about mass demonstrations, pickets, strikes or even blood and violence and no wonder as in most of the cases it really involves all of those things.
The Ethics of Online Medical Records Abstract: This paper describes the ethical implications of developing a national online medical database. Such a database would contain the lifetime health records of every U.S. resident by combining information from a variety of sources. The advantages of such a system are many, but in the end, the question remains whether patients want to trade privacy for better healthcare. A lonely ninetyyearold Chinese woman walks into a clinic. Without any medical records, the physicians diagnose her with stroke, and she is immediately hospitalized. Two days later, her son arrives at the hospital, apparently quite angry with the doctors. He informs the physicians that her mother has been in this condition for many years, and should not be treated for stroke. Unfortunately, the treatment has already started, and the son is billed $12,000 for two days of hospitalization. This unfortunate incident was witnessed by Jennifer Danek, M.D.
A Comparison Between Desirees Baby & Stench Of Kerosene 'Stench Of Kerosene' was written by Amrita Pritam approximately fifty years ago. This emotional short story mainly revolves around the relationships between a woman, her husband and his mother. Another important theme is the significance of cultures and traditions in the protagonists' lives. The main characters are Manak and Guleri, who are husband and wife. Guleri and Manak are a loving couple who live with Manak's mother in a small village in India.
Chlorine Sampling Techniques The OSHA sampling and analytical method for chlorine is discussed in reference 9.1. The principle of sampling is described in reference 9.2. The analytical procedure is based on an iodometric technique which uses a residual chlorine electrode (RCE) for detection (9.3.). The validation of the chlorine method consisted of the following experimental studies: Analysis of a total of eighteen samples (six samples at each of the three test levels) which were prepared by adding known amounts of standardized chlorine solution to 0.1% sulfamic acid collecting solution.

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The Fruits of Passion and Dreams in A Raisin in the Sun and The Grapes of Wrath Passion. Passion is what both Lorraine Hansberry and John Steinbeck have in common. Their two major works, A Raisin in the Sun and The Grapes of Wrath, respectively, focus on the human struggle, love and dreams, which in turn are symbolized through the ideas of matriarchal images, prodigal sons and daughters and nature as an icon of dreams. In both these works, the mothers play the most important role in the development of the plot.
My Philosophy of Education I believe first and foremost that all children can learn regardless of age, race, gender, or disabilities. I also believe that all children begin their school career with a desire to learn. In some cases, however, that desire to learn becomes stifled and eventually ruined because of bad experiences with teachers, other students, or both. In those situations, I vow to take it upon myself to rekindle that desire to learn in my students. My classroom will be an enjoyable experience for my students where they will feel safe and respected, and where they will learn to respect others.
The Watergate Scandal The United States Justice System is founded on In it's historical context, Watergate was not a surprising development when it is considered that Nixon was a paranoid personality capable of using any avenue to insure that his political objectives were attained. He had proved that early in his political career in his famous Checkers speech. By the early 70's however the nation had changed. It wasn't as easy to dupe the public with sappy speeches to explain away political indiscretions.

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Past the accelerated activity of the 20th century comes the new millennium bringing the modernized world to a throne of leisure and lethargy. Consequently sabotaging the health of our children and our future as a nation, obesity once thought only to be common to the fully grown adult, has now plunged its way belly first into America's freshest gene pool. The epidemic of obesity among children has its roots in consumer culture and in contemporary American society all a part of the environment that accommodates the modernday American family.
The Development of a Campaign for Women's Suffrage in Early 1870's The campaign for women's suffrage gathered support after 1870, mainly because of a growing number of women who, through education, realised society was extremely unequal and recognised a need for change through action. The Forster act of 1870 which gave compulsory primary education to girls, was a landmark event that meant the women of the future would have the ability to question the inequalities of a chauvinistic society.
The ‘scramble for Africa’ was a phenomenon in the world between the years 18801914. The ‘dark continent’ was relatively untouched by Europeans up until this point, with few ports of control on the coasts in the west, which were remnants of the slave trade, and in the south, Britain held the Cape, taken from the Dutch during the French Revolutionary Wars. So, during a period of 30 years, it came to pass that almost the whole of Africa was taken by Europeans. (Except Liberia a colony for freed American slaves, and Abyssinia managed to hold out against Italian aggression).
Absolutism affected the power + status of the European nobility depending on the country in which they lived. In England the power of the nobility increases due to a victory in the English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution of 1658. However, in France, Louis XIVВЎВЇs absolutist regime decreased the powers of the noble but heightened their material status. In Russia and in Prussia, the absolutist leaders of those countries modernized their nations + the nobility underwent a change, but it retained prestige + power.
Feminism Empowerment The dictionary definition of feminism is stated: the movement for the political, social, and educational equality of women with men. Truth be told, feminism can mean a whole deal of things. It can mean women fighting for jobs that were mainly held by men with equal pay. It can mean women fighting for equal education in a so called male dominant world. Feminism can give lesbian women the chance to adopt and have children. These are just a few definitions of feminism.

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Historians argue whether the intention of the protectionist policies that allowed Aboriginal children to be removed was done with the purpose of killing off all Aborigines (Read 1981) as a group of people, seen of little value by the “white colonists” or whether it was indeed done for the protection and betterment of the children(Windschuttle, Why There Were No Stolen Generations 2010). Whatever the intention the systematic removal of the children from the late 1800’s till 1972 undermined the whole Aboriginal community, Marjorie Woodrow, who over 60 years ago was removed from her family says, “Little did they know they ripped our souls to pieces” (Woodrow 2001).
Post Plague Social, Economic, and Historical Characteristics of Chaucer’s Pilgrims Waking up to the familiar sounds of a small English town is no longer an option. The stench of death permeates every inch of existence. Peering out of the window, afraid of stepping outside into the pestilence formerly known as home, you gaze past the mounds of rotting townspeople who used to be known as friends. Every breath catches, because breathing too deep may be too risky. A disease of unknown origin plagues the countryside farther than you can travel in a lifetime.
Wedding Speech Best Man Afternoon everyone, firstly, the city council have asked me to request that, for health and safety reasons, none of you get up on top of the chairs and tables during my standing ovation. I'm sure you'll all admit this has turned out to be a fabulous wedding celebration, yet every silver lining does have a cloud, and that is, unfortunately that you've all got to listen to me for a few minutes. I'd just like to start by thanking everyone on behalf of the Bride and groom, for sharing their wedding day, although personally I wish you'd all stayed at home, because things would have been a lot easier on me.

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James Baldwin's Go Tell It On the Mountain and Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones In most religions, especially the JudeoChristian faith, heaven or the afterlife is a place reserved for those who are able to somehow earn or receive an appointed place there during their life on earth. In the Christian tradition, those who attain eternal life are able to forgo the earthly pleasures that tempt them while they live, and form a separate entity that rejects carnality and remains obedient to God. While recognizing themselves as inherently sinful creatures, they seek to come as close as they can to the holiness of the divine during their life on earth, in order to reap the benefits after death.
A Look Back, A Spotlight on Education My Eighth grade English teacher walked around the classroom, in a daily ritual, glancing over pages of circled letters, occasionally muttering, "turn", in an exhausted, apathetic tone. Many of my classmates used the time she had allotted for "checking homework" to socialize, while others frantically fumbled for a pencil, asked for a neighbor’s workbook, circled, underlined, and copied while occasionally lifting their heads up to see how far down the rows she had gotten and how close she was getting to them.
One of the major themes of Homer’s Odyssey is the importance of cunning over strength. This also happens to be the case with Odysseus and his long ten year journey home from fighting in Troy. Odysseus uses his intelligence over strength to ‘fight’ through tough times and bring himself home to Ithaca. Odysseus uses his intelligence when he has his men tie him down while passing the Sirens, so he himself will be able to hear their beautiful song, but not be entranced by their singing. He also uses cunning to escape from the Cyclops’ cave without being harmed.
Writing Against Death in The Floating Opera In the opening chapter of The Floating Opera, Todd Andrews makes an observation that storytelling is not his cup of tea, because digressions are impossible to contain, and that makes it hard for him to concentrate on a particular line of narration; every image he creates breeds other images, words bring about other words, there being no end to "new figures and new chases" (Barth 2). This remark suggests that Todd's existence is, indeed, confined to the reality he forges by telling his tale; this fictitious reality regenerates itself.
Fate in Beowulf, Grendel, and Macbeth Fate plays a significant role in the Old English epic poem Beowulf and William Shakespeare's play Macbeth.. The major events of the poem, such as the three killings by Beowulf and his own death, are said to have been predestined. In Macbeth, fate is so significant that it is personified by the Weird Sisters, who drive the action of the play. But if predestination exists, then there must be an agent that determines destiny. In Beowulf, God plays this role, and fate is generally accepted as God's will.

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Research Paper Throughout the many works of Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn is one that can metaphorically serve as a time machine, in which as soon as one enters, one is quickly taken back to a time where social differences heavily marked history. Published in 1885. Addressing social defects, this novel sincerely illustrates the flaws of the 19th century. Mark Twain typically exemplifies issues through his writing and in this literary work, formally titled The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; he criticizes the attitude of the Gilded Age.
The Irish Potato Famine Around 1600 A.D. the potato was introduced in Ireland. Because of the high nutrients and ease to grow the crop it was almost instantly adopted by the people, especially by the peasants. With the high nutrient value of the crop, general health increased greatly. Because of better health, the birthrate increased and the death rate decreased making the population from 1600 A.D. to the time of the famine increase by about six million people.1 The population grew because of this wonderful food that had been brought from the New World.
The gothic short stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe are so outstanding that they are still being read today. He only lived for forty years yet made such a huge impact on literature. Poe tells Thomas W. Fredrick in a letter, why he became a writer. “ Depend upon it, after all, Thomas, Literature is the most noble of professions. In fact, it is about the only one fit for a man. For my own part, there is no seducing me from the path.”(Edgar Allan Poe’s Life, intro page) The word that best describes the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe would have to be mystery.

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Temperature's Effect on Rate of Reaction Planning The Equation being used is: CaCo3 + HCL → CaCl2+H2O + CO2 CaCo3 =Marble Chips. HCL =Hydrochloric Acid. CO2 =How much gas is given off. My prediction is that if you change the temperature it will make the reaction happen faster because I will be using the Collision Theory as background information. When you heat up the particles you are giving them kinetic energy, so heating the chemicals results in the particles moving faster.
Several years ago, I was the marketing Manager for a new line of perfume, which had to be promoted, introduced to the consumer, and allow for succession in the market. By marketing the product the sales would either be high or low depending on the market responses. One way to ensure successfully marketing to the right consumers is through the use of Operant Conditioning. Operant Conditioning, also known as Instrumental learning is defined as a “learning process by which the consequences of an operant response affects the likelihood that the response will occur in the future”(Kozak, pg 22).
Racial issues have always been debated and followed by many people throughout the history of America and will continue to be for a long time. Along with these debates come movements and with movements come leaders. Two wellknown leaders of racially driven movements are Marcus Garvey and David Duke. Garvey was a black man looking to forward his fellow black man's financial state and living conditions, and he became a leader for his movement. Duke is a white man who feels that with all of the racial diversity in this country the white race is being mistreated and destroyed, and became a leader for a more extreme group of believers.
Perhaps the assignment uses an opportunity to address the case of Malaysian particularly on the aspect of international relations in order to analyze the behavior pattern of the characteristics of international politics, utility diverse historical junctures in which shifting bases of state power, paths of growth, and official manipulation of social identities join in the regulation of social order that facilitates capital accrual while maintaining state legitimacy in a multiethnic context. Therefore the term international relations can be describe in various dimensions such as political economy that basically looking into way of discovering how politics generates power over economics as well as associate.
Diversity Incident Analysis For this assignment, I chose to analyze the diversity incident that is related to multiculturalism. It’s the first case scenario in the exercises section of chapter 9. The case is related to a Mexican immigrant that has been using his available sick days to take his wife to the doctor, even though she is not ill; they are only going for regularly scheduled physical exams. This case involves multiculturalism, and it shows us how, by employing immigrant workers, an organization can start having all kinds of problems when the right policies and procedures regarding diversity and multicultural environments are not in place.

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Over the years, advertising has come a long way. From the 1920’s focus on improved social status and communism fears to advertisements staged like MTV videos so the target audience will think of the fun from MTV when they see the product (Maasik 144, 147148). Although the merchandise keeps changing, one thing will remain constant: the use of imagery in marketing goods to the masses. Stuart Hirschberg, coauthor of The New Millennium Reader, notes, “The claim the ad makes is designed to establish the superiority of the product … and to create a distinctive image for the product ….
Introduction I want to write about obsessivecompulsive disorder because it is a very important thing in the life of humans that is present and that sometimes it is not taken care of or the people don't really know a lot about it. And when it is present people don't know what it is happening with the person provoking the ritual and then the question from the observer comes and commentaries are maid without really knowing the truth of what really is happening. In this essay I will include the relation with anthropology and the disorder.
Web Design Web Design is almost like an art. It is the design of information and services over the Internet. Luckily for businesses and customers the information and services provided are in done so through the World Wide Web (WWW). As I mentioned earlier Web design is a form of art, meaning that art and organization are needed to form customized Web pages to fit a particular business’ needs. Services for Web design can be accomplished in a variety of ways: professionally through a Web designer, created through hypertext markup language, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, and Microsoft FrontPage as well as other “What you see is what you get” {WYSIWYG) editors or languages.

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Oedipus Complex "It is the fate of all of us, perhaps, to direct our first sexual impulse towards our mother and our first hatred and our first murderous wish against our father." Sigmund Freud(Clark, 122) The Oedipus conflict or complex is a concept developed by Sigmund Freud to explain the origin of certain psychological disorders in childhood. It is defined as a child's unconscious desire for the exclusive love of the parent of the opposite sex. This desire includes jealousy toward the parent of the same sex and the unconscious wish for that parent's death.
Sophocles has been known for using his plays not merely to entertain his audience, but to deliver a message too. Out of all of the important lessons in his plays, Wisdom stands out as the most impact full. After all, "No law or ordinance is mightier than understanding"(Plato 1/2). In the play Oedipus the King, Sophocles uses the blindness of Teriesias, Jocasta, and Oedipus to point out how understanding is far greater than vision alone. In the play Oedipus the King, Sophocles use the blindness of Teiresias to point out the great power behind wisdom and understand.
Does the Solution to our Present Moral and Political Dilemmas Lie in the Theories of the German Idealists. ABSTRACT: In the wake of the postmodernist onslaught one thing is certain: morality is in crisis. Where are we to look for answers. Perhaps to the German idealists—that is, to their bold synthesis of right and freedom. This paper seeks to bring the timely issue of absolute freedom and the possibility of its total realization back into ethicalpolitical discussion. Through a close comparison of the theories of Fichte and Hegel via a critique of the former by the latter, I show that the antidote to many of our political, moral and theological distresses may well be found in Hegel’s concept of the State and Sittlichkeiti.e., truly understood as the realization of absolute freedom, or the "We that is I." In the wake of the postmodernist onslaught one thing is certain: morality is in crisis.
Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust Synopsis – Hitler’s Willing Executioners is a work that may change our understanding of the Holocaust and of Germany during the Nazi period. Daniel Goldhagen has revisited a question that history has come to treat as settled, and his researches have led him to the inescapable conclusion that none of the established answers holds true. Drawing on materials either unexplored or neglected by previous scholars, Goldhagen presents new evidence to show that many beliefs about the killers are fallacies.
Role Reversal in King Lear King Lear, known as one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, deeply affects its audience by playing out the destruction of two families. At the end of this play two of the protagonists, King Lear and his loyal friend the Earl of Gloucester, die after having suffered through major injustices at the hands of their own children. These characters’ deaths are incredibly tragic because they are brought on by their own actions instead of by the circumstances that surround them.

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La Donna Beaty clearly States in her argument, ?What Makes a Serial Killer?. her opinion and different theories on what causes a human being to become a serial killer. Beaty states that there are many serial killers and victims of them, but she is unsure about what causes a person to become a serial killer. Furthermore, she asked many questions, but there was no definite answer. For example, using examples of serial killers including Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy, but only to draw up more questions.
There is no detail, but it is clear that they are bees. These small bees continue in a circle around the red circle and the sunflower. As you follow the bees down the sides of the red circle you see that there are other sunflowers that seem to be going through the various stages of growth. Some are just taking shape and others are budding. As you continue the follow the bees down the circle you come across an orange banner that has the title of the piece and the authors name neatly written on it.
Arthur Conan Doyle's Stories and Their Undying Appeal When the Sherlock Holmes books were written, London was rife with croime. The slums, especially, were victims to prostitution, murder and drug abuse. Jack the Ripper was free on the streets, making many people scared. The police couldn't catch him so the public resented the police force as they weren't seen to be protecting them. I think that this is one of the reasons why the Sherlock Holmes stories were so successful. The idea of a detective who solves every crime would appeal highly to a Victorian readership.

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Martin Luther In this paper I will write about Martin Luther and how I agree with what he did for our religious beliefs. I feel that any person who will stand up for what he or she believes in is best thing you could do. If no one ever stood up for what they believed in then we wouldn't be free like we are today. I will include some quotes from my readings to give a brief description as to why I agree. I would first like to say that when Martin Luther was hit by a bolt of lightning and decided that he would have to enter a monastery, because he hoped that a penitential life would help him overcome his sense of guilt.
A Freudian Reading of Young Goodman Brown Incredibly, Nathaniel Hawthorne, wrote about concepts that Freud clinically proved later on. Much like Freud, Hawthorne analyzes in his tale Young Goodman Brown the same premises for which Freud is the epitome. Thus, one encounters the issues of the opposite effect that social restraint has on society, despite its purpose, as well as the unconsciousness versus consciousness in this text, together with their crucial parts the id, superego and ego, and the issues of the libido.
Philosophy is the careful study if the states of, validity, existence, and conduct. It comes from the Greek word, philosophia, which translates into “the love of wisdom”. Philosophy encompasses a vast range of topics and ever person, place, thing, and idea has its roots embedded in it. For the purpose of this paper, I will be only covering the branches of epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics. These branches serve as the building blocks for studying and teaching philosophy. While examining these building blocks, I will argue why philosophy should be studied.
The ancient Greeks were fond believers of Fate. Fate, defined according to Webster’s, is “the principle or determining cause or will by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as the do.” The Greeks take on Fate was slightly modified. They believed that the gods determined Fate: “…fate, to which in a mysterious way the gods themselves were subject, was an impersonal force decreeing ultimate things only, and unconcerned with day by day affairs.” It was thought that these gods worked in subtle ways; this accounts for character flaws (called harmatia in Greek).
This essay is going to examine how advertising strategies used in different market structures affects profits of the firms. This essay is being written based on Advertising, an article by Geoff Stewart, in which he examines “how do firms determine their advertising strategy”. In this article he uses Monopolies as an example of a noncompetitive market and Oligopolies as an example of competitive markets, so in this essay Monopolies and Oligopolies will also be used as examples. However other competitive markets include perfect competition and monopolistic competition.

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Modernism in Forster's A Passage to India When considering the novels of E.M. Forster, it is natural to recall the reserved landscapes of the Merchant and Ivory cinematic versions. Gauzy images green hills, languorous boat rides, tender embraces these impressions, cousins, really, to Jane Austen's plots and settings, are remembered as period pieces seldom associated with the literary experimentation of Virginia Woolf or the winsome angst of the lost War poets. It seems does it not.
There are many things that are fundamentally wrong with the U.S. economy. In fact, warning signs are everywhere. Politicians are more concerned about elections than addressing the real issues. Voters are more concerned about whether gay people should be allowed to marry, rather than fixing the problems that affect all of us. All the while, the economy is diving further and further into its despair. One of America’s largest problems is the ever growing mountain of federal debt. Investors say that in some cases, debt can be a tool to make money.
The novel Don’t Care High was written by Gordan Korman. This novel, as well as other novels he wrote were based partly on his experiences in high school, where he says, “the only way to get through high school alive was by laughing”. This novel relates to teenagers about high school and how their high school is different. Korman wrote his first novel at age 12, This Can’t Be Happening at McDonald Hall. Korman graduated from New York University’s Dramatic Writing Program. He now lives in New York City with his wife and children.

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A Reader Response to The Awakening The Awakening is a story that was written when women weren't allowed to be independent. Kate Chopin was even criticized for the main character's conduct; "Certainly there is throughout the story an undercurrent of sympathy of Edna, and nowhere a single note of censure of her totally unjustifiable conduct" and another said; "the purport of the story can hardly be described in language fit for publication." But who can blame them. Edna was a bold woman. She was independent, kept male friends, felt passion, was disrespectful to her husband and did not spend much time with her children.
Sound and The Fury William Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury is a complicated story of tragedy, lies, and destruction. The whole Compson family is filled with negativity and bad decisions. The family is broken down little by little until it is finally destroyed. Ms. Compson is supposed to be in control but she is a neurotic selfcentered woman that escapes responsibility by depending on Dilsey for every need. Ms Compson also created hostility between the Family. Jason, the head of the family since their father died, is always knowing but only cares for himself.
United Nations Human Development Report and the Need for International Democratization The 2002 United Nations Human Development Report (UNHDR) is the result of many years’ study of international human progress and development. As declared in the first page of the report, "[This report] is about how political power and institutions, formal and informal, national and international, shape human progress". This statement outlines the principal theme of power dynamics and fragmentation (politics) on varying levels, public and private, rich and poor, male and female, etc.
The use of drugs has become a very controversial topic in society today. As the problem of using drugs continues to grow daily, the understanding of the user must be made aware of. In general, addicts show a direct link between taking drugs and suffering from their effects. People abuse drugs for a wide variety of reasons. In most cases, the use of drugs will serve a type of purpose or will give some kind of reward. These reasons for use will differ with different kinds of drugs. Three common examples are marijuana, speed, and cocaine.
What is love. Love means a worm liking or affection toward another person. Through out the play Romeo and Juliet various types of love are displayed by several characters. Benvolio believes that women are interchangeable and at the beginning of the play Romeo believes love is a pain. While Juliet does not even have a have a definition of love, Paris and Lady Capulet defines it by appearance. Mercutio is unable to understand love and the nurse believes that marring some one is better than no one, even though you despise that person.

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Role of Women in Iliad, Odyssey, and the Bible Much is known of men in ancient civilizations, from the famous philosophers and mathematicians of Greece to the patriarchs and subsequent kings of the nation of Israel. It would seem, however, that history has forgotten the women of these times. What of the famous female thinkers of Ancient Greece, the distinguished stateswomen of Rome. What power did they hold. What was their position in societies of the distant past. A glimpse into the roles and influence of women in antiquity can be discovered in such ancient masterpieces as the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Hebrew Bible.
The Sophist, written by Plato in 360 B.C.E. attempts to search for definitions through deep philosophical searching. The persons of dialogue in this piece are Theodorus, Theaetetus, Socrates (who mainly serves as a silent authority), and an Eleatic Stranger, who leads the majority of the dialogue. As the dialogue commences, Socrates asks the stranger what is thought of sophists, statesman, and philosophers in his home country of Italy. However, Socrates does not simply ask the Stranger to define the three, he instead asks him how the three types of men are regarded in his country under one, two, or three names.
An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley Set in a modern Victorian house in South America. It is mid autumn in lives with her mother,Liz. 'Ive told you already,Charm, your not having a Halloween party!' 'But mum, you have never let me have a party before.' 'I know and whatever you do or say isnt going to change my mind about it.' 'Just at least let me take responsibility for something for once!' 'No,your not having a party in this house.' 'Why are you being so unfair, i hate you sometimes!' 'Dont you ever say you hate me.

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King Lear as a Bradley Tragedy King Lear meets all the requirements of a tragedy as defined by Andrew Cecil Bradley. Bradley states that a Shakespearean tragedy has to be the story of the hero and there is exceptional suffering and calamity slowly being worn in. Also, the current time must be contrasted to happier times. The play also depicts the troubled parts in the hero’s life and eventually he dies instantaneously because of the suffering and calamity. There is the feeling of fear in the play as well, that makes men see how blind they are not knowing when fortune or something else would be on them. The hero must be of a high status on the chain and the hero must also possess a tragic flaw that initiates the tragedy. The fall of the hero is not felt by him alone but creates a chain reaction that affects everything below him. There must also be the element of chance or accident that influences some point in the play. King Lear meets all of these requirements, which have been laid out by Bradley. The main character of the play would be King Lear who in terms of Bradley would be the hero and hold the highest position is the social chain. Lear, out of pride and anger, has banished Cordelia and split the kingdom in half between the two older sisters, Goneril and Regan. This is Lear's tragic flaw that prevents him from seeing the true faces of people because his pride and anger overrides his judgement. As we see in the first act, Lear does not listen to Kent's plea to see closer to the true faces of his daughters. Kent has hurt Lear's pride by disobeying his order to stay out of his and Cordelia's way when Lear has already warned him, "the bow is bent and drawn, make from the shaft" (act #, scene #, line #). Kent still disobeys Lear and is banished. Because of this flaw, Lear has initiated the tragedy by disturbing the order in the chain of being by dividing the kingdom, banishing his best servant and daughter, and giving up his thrown.
A. Presentation of the issue Online banking is a service that many modern banks provide now a day and with the passage of time more and more people are using this service (Anonymous, 2010) due to the commodity and convenience of doing payment transactions (Lanham, 2008) directly from their homes instead of going to an actual bank (Ponemon, 2005). However as the number of credit cards used to make transactions on the internet increases also does the number of people that fall into frauds and phishing scams made to obtain their private information (Unknown, 2010).
The Women of Othello The women of Shakespeares Othello are put into stereotypical roles, but behind peoples backs play much stronger types. Desdemona, goes against her fathers orders and marries a moor. Bianca innocently takes part in Desdemona's death. Emilia has an opportunity to save Desdemona but sneakingly remains silent. These women are similar because they are treated like they are lower then the men in their days. But they do not let that hold them back. These women take part in anything that pleases them.
Through the use of his magic, Prospero seeks to surpass worldly values and create a utopia, or ideal society. This becomes evident in how Shakespeare portrays the innocence of Ferdinand and Miranda. He insists that Ferdinand not “Break her virgin knot before All sanctimonious ceremonies may.”(Act 4, Scene 1) Prospero’s seeking to create an ideal society also becomes evident in his attempts at making his usurping brother and his court to repent. Thus, he is trying to make right of what has gone wrong in the world.
A movie American History X (1988) deals with white supremacy and racism. We can see a variety of racial representation in this movie. We’re going to see implicit racial associations and racist stereotypes seen in the film first with the framework of John Russell’s discussion in his research “Race as Ricorso: Blackface(s), Racial Representation, and the Transnational Apologetics of Historical Amnesia in the United States and Japan,” examine the background and arguments on race in the movie, and see the editorial point of view of the film maker at last.

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How is it fair that a men’s college basketball team is able to be transported on planes and dine on steak, while a women’s team from the same college, travels in a van and eats fast food. It’s not, but this occurs often nowadays even with laws passed preventing this type of discrimination. In 1972, Congress passed Title IX, which prohibits discrimination against girls and women in federally funded education, including athletic programs (Kiernan 3). Many schools and colleges have not been able to comply with the Title IX standards mostly because of money.
This study examines several Internet policies and whether the communication of these policies to the user or customer of the service provided by a company providing a service or merchandise has significantly changed during a threeyear period between 1999 and 2001. Five characteristics of these Internet policies were studied based on the published policies appearing on the Internet sites of these companies. These examined policies included statements regarding privacy, security, shipping, returns, and warranty.
Internet Censorship Two Case Studies: Australia and the United States I. Introduction Internet censorship laws started appearing around the world in 1995. These laws covered content already illegal in existing laws for noninternet content, as well as for content that is not suitable for minors. Worldwide, four different approaches were taken with internet censorship. 1) The government encouraged user selfregulation, and voluntary use of content filters by their citizens. 2) Laws were implemented that penalized content providers who made censored material available online.

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Prostituting the Constitution It has become fashionable to propose amendments to the constitution for all imaginable causes. Thus the nation's charter is endangered by a barrage of new and unworthy ideas offered up by opportunistic politicians seeking to exploit popular passions. Indeed, constitutional reform seems to be the hot topic around Washington and in the writings of both liberal and conservative journalists across the country. No longer is it suitable for legislation to follow the normal means of entering into law ratification by both House and Senate, pending the signature of the President.
Black Death The people at the Messina Harbor , a port in Northeast Sicily , stood and watched as a Genoese fleet made its way to dock..(Gottfried 141144). The people standing ashore could by no means conceive of the horror found on board of these ships. The crew had a disease the like of which no one had seen before in the history of western civilization. The harbor masters looked on in complete awe and terror and tried to quarantine the ship but with no avail. (Gottfried141144).
The Ability of School Pupils to Determine Length vs. the Size of an Angle My first hypothesis is that school pupils can estimate the length of a line, in millimeters, better than the size of an angle, in degrees. Plan for collecting data To see if my hypothesis is true I am going to have to support it with data. The first aspect I had to consider was whether to collect primary or secondary data.
Teaching Philosophy Teaching Context: My teaching context consists of 7 young learners that are currently enrolled at E.C.C. (English Center for Children), which is a private English academy located in Tongyeong, South Korea. These students are around 12 and 13 years of age and are among the most advanced in the school. Their parents want them to learn English as a Foreign Language (EFL) because many Koreans see English as a tool for their child’s upward mobility within the society. This particular class takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7:308:10 p.m.
Hamlet's Character Flaws in William Shakespeare's Hamlet In every play or book that a person reads the characters are never perfect. They always have a flaw that causes a problem or conflict within the storyline. This is true for Hamlet's character in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. In several of Hamlet's speeches he discloses many flaws in his character to the readers throughout the play. These are aspects that have thus far only been able to be seen as fragments in other speeches. One of Hamlet's most renowned traits is his overanalysis of conversational topics and situations in which action must be taken.

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Defining Good Advice The first thing I know about good advice is that it can come from anyone. I found this out by looking at the narrative stories that we had to write in the beginning of this assignment. For example, got his advice from a friend, while Chris Lefstad got his advice from his uncle, and Nate Hilson and Nate Hall both got their advice from their parents. Although, Robyn Isaacs says, “Usually it (advice) is given to me by someone I know and trust on a personal level.” I don’t totally agree with this.
Ethics and the Current Cheating Epidemic There is an epidemic of cheating in American universities. Students are finding easier and more efficient ways to cheat. Morals and morality are changing. Students, members of the younger generation, and teachers, members of the older generation, differ on what is cheating. Morality even differs amongst students. Some students still adhere to the traditional sense of morality, and find what other students do an abhorration of morality. This essay is a mostly a pathos and ethos argument that attempts to appeal to the reader’s sense of right and wrong by using socalled “authorities.” The first section is filled with pathos arguments designed to make the reader believe that the majority of college students are cheaters.
Robert Frost’s Life as a Poet Robert Lee Frost was born in San Francisco, California on March 26 of 1974 and died in Boston, Massachusetts on January 29 of 1963. Though he did not truly start publishing poems until age thirtynine, Frost obtained four Pulitzer prizes in his writing career and was deemed one of the greatest twentieth century poets. His pastoral writing and skilled use of meter and rhythm has captured the attention of reader’s and critics for decades (Academic American, 345). Frost was very fond of nature and the beauty of things around him and illustrated this in many of his poems.

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